The Hempcrete Company

Engineers of a sustainable future

Australian Hempcrete Installation Company

The Hempcrete company was founded by Cameron Richardson and Henry Weldon in 2019.
Their objective was to bring the methodology of Hempcrete construction to the Australian building sector by developing and improving the method of application.
After a year of research and development, the opportunity to apply Hempcrete to residential and commercial structures was presented where the first mechanically projected second storey Hempcrete home was achieved in Perth, Western Australia.

Since the inaugural project’s completion, The Hempcrete Company has installed Tradical® Hempcrete to over 25 independent projects throughout Western Australia.
The vision of providing cost effective solutions has been brought to life by the mastering of the mechanical projection application of Hempcrete, while engineering and resolving industry challenges. The Hempcrete company is considered the most experienced hempcrete installation company in Australia according to OzHemp Tradical®, the exclusive distribution rights holder of certified Hempcrete products in Australia and New Zealand.

The Hempcrete company continues to supply and install Hempcrete wall, floor and roof systems to almost any project, developing the knowledge and practices necessary to grow an industry that has long been forgotten.

The Hempcrete Co. People

Cameron Richardson

A trade qualified Carpenter and a registered builder, Cam brings a wealth of knowledge and skill of the building industry, continuing to support and grow the Hemp industry through his passion of renewable building materials and practices.

After years of research and dedication to green building, Cam found himself induced in the world of hemp based building products, which now sees many projects enjoying the benefits of Hempcrete.

Cam strives to lead many down the same path by educating dozens of building professionals, builders, and trades as a certified Hempcrete installer for Tradical OzHemp Australia.

Whether it is a homeowner with goals of an energy efficient and sustainable home, to the staff that work under his wing, Cam will discuss, show studies and relay his education to those who see the path forward to reduce Australia’s carbon impact and expand Hempcrete construction in becoming an industry standard.

His ability to educate others has assisted many architects, designers and engineers overcome uncertainty when undertaking projects that are leading the industry through the necessary changes for a smarter, greener future.

Henry Weldon

Henry came to Australia in 2013 as a skilled Carpenter & Joiner, originally from the UK where he undertook his apprenticeship in the Heritage sector where preservation and sustainability were at the heart of the projects.

Henry found himself following a similar line of work in Perth procuring and undertaking restoration work both commercial and residential. A natural leader he was passionate about business, management and helping educate and upskill those around him.

In 2017 Henry became a registered building practitioner focussing on residential alterations and additions. It was in this sector where he became passionate about improving the building process, from the materials we source and install to the health of the installers and occupiers.

After Cam introducing Henry into the Hempcrete industry he quickly became fascinated about the material, its properties, applications, and benefits. Alongside a few humble mentors Henry self-educated on the material and application techniques specifically focussing on spray applied Hempcrete where productivity was higher than other methods.

Today Henrys passion and focus is to share with others what he has learnt along the way and by doing so he hopes future generations can work towards a more sustainable built environment.

Our Network and team

When it comes to installing Hempcrete it is important to surround yourself with those who also carry the same passions of the product, its placement, and finishes.

Cam and Henry always appreciate those who have contributed and continue to contribute to the growth of the Hempcrete industry in Australia. There have been many come and go and we say thank you, the times have been great and there is more opportunity than you could poke a lance at!

The core of what we achieve is made possible by the people that support us, which makes working with Hempcrete such a community event, bringing people together to achieve the outcomes that supports our triple bottom line of