Hempcrete is an bio-composite, environmentally friendly building material used in place of traditional construction materials for insulation and rendering.

Hempcrete is hemp hurd mixed with lime and water. Our mixture is as follows:

  1. Hemp herds (also known as shives)
    We use Tradical Chanvribat Hemp from Ozhemp
  2. Lime as the binding agent
    We use Tradical Thermo Formulated Lime Binder from Ozhemp and,
  3. Water

We purchase our hempcrete products from Ozhemp, an Australian owned and operated business supplying quality and certified hurd, lime and renders. Ozhemp supply imported BCB Tradical products which all are grown and manufactured in France.

Hempcrete has been used around world for many years.

It is a durable building product that can last a long time. Like any building, a hempcrete home should be treated like any other home.

Yes, roughly 20% more and this is mostly due to the manufacturing process and distribution costs. The intense labour factors drive the prices, but with modern technology such as mechanical spray application, we can achieve costs within the same price category of conventional double brick construction.
Hempcrete is quickly becoming a popular industry within Australia and manufacturing facilities are slowly opening with the aim to reduce costs and make hempcrete affordable.

Hempcrete is used as a covering within timber framework walls or or ceilings in place of insulation, and then covered by special breathable renders.

Benefits of Hempcrete

Hempcrete has some compressive strength, however not enough to support structural loads, therefore the use of timber framing encapsulated in the wall is the method of choice.

Yes. When exposed to an open flame, such as a blow torch, hempcrete doesn’t smoulder or ignite. Ozhemp Tradical Hempcrete is CodeMark certified BAL-FZ suitable for use in all bushfire prone areas (low to flame zone).

Yes. Hempcrete provides excellent thermal qualities. A hempcrete wall thickness of 300mm will achieve an R value of 3.5. Bricks have an R value of 0.5. Due to its permeability the hempcrete walls will maintain a constant ideal temperate inside the home, reducing the need for heating & cooling.

Yes, hempcrete has good acoustic absorption thanks to its permeability and its thickness to absorb sound waves.